Copyright and Credits

Copyright & Credits

Copyright and Credits

Credits and acknowledgments, plus copyright and trademark information.

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←This part means thanks, and we really mean it. <3
↓This part says we created this website, and worked our butts off, so do not steal it.

Credits and Thanks

The following entities have donated valuable time, code, and effort to this website. We wish to extend our sincere thanks and acknowledgment of the following (in alphabetical order):

  • Imtiaz Ahmed - Ajax price update contribution
  • Acheron - Order IP Recorder contribution
  • Andrew Eades - Elevatezoom
  • FWR Media - Ultimate Seo Urls 5 contribution
  • Wendy Isdell - graphics, php, CSS rework
  • J$ - Sort Product Options contribution
  • Ian Lloyd - 404 redirection
  • - CSS, layout, php, jquery and related contributions
  • Brouillard S'embrouille - Newsletters subscriber contribution
  • OSCommerce - shopping cart and contributions
  • Kevin L. Shelton - Protected images contribution
  • Janis Skarnelis - Fancybox
  • Nathan Smith - 960 grid system (original)
  • Sprysoft - 960 fluid grid system
  • (and many others)
Thank you,
Kyriel Rook
Webmaster, Dreaming Gates

Copyright and Trademark Notice

This website is Copyright ©1996-2014 Dreaming Gates. The Dreaming Gates logo and name are also Trademark Dreaming Gates™. All Rights Reserved.

Except as specifically mentioned herein (such as the acknowledgments to the left), all content, including text, images, and code, are Copyright ©1996-2014 Dreaming Gates.

If you wish to use Dreaming Gates content in your commercial or noncommercial project, you may apply for permission to do so. If granted, you will receive limited, nonexclusive permission to share or reproduce our text and/or images. Here are the terms.

    You MUST:
  1. Acquire permission from us before using our content.
  2. Create a visible link to our website near the content used.
  3. Keep all logos, watermarks, and company names in our content.
  4. Avoid offensive/abusive language on the same page with the content.
    You MUST NOT:
  1. Indicate we endorse you, nor that you are part of us.
  2. Hot-link directly to our images (link to pages instead).
  3. Use more than our maximum allowance (currently 1000 words and 3 pictures) on any given page.
  4. Simply copy/paste chunks of our website into yours. This license is designed to allow you to incorporate parts of our content into your unique project, not for others just to replicate our website. The former is creative; the latter is just lazy.
Any other use is expressly prohibited. We retain ownership of our content, and reserve the right to remove this permission at any time.

If these terms are acceptable to you, please contact us for permission to use our content. If not, kindly do not steal our work.

Failure to abide by these terms may result in $1,000 U.S. licensing fee per word or image, legal suit, and/or criminal charges, on the grounds of intellectual property theft and copyright violation. Please make your own content, or follow the rules for ours. Thank you.